KIDNAPPING? Parents of child witnesses on Kian delos Santos' slay furious at Hontiveros for taking their children Without their permission

Oops! You did it again! Why Senator Risa Hontiveros? Just why?

Seems like the oh so great Risa Hontiveros made a wrong move due to her lack of professionality and because of her desperation to pin down the war on drugs of the Duterte administration that she missed one very important step before butting in the investigations of Kian delos Santos slay.

Parents of the child witnesses weren't pleased with the initiative of Hontiveros, taking their children as witnesses for the death of Kian who was allegedly killed by police officers during the "one time, bigtime" drug operation conducted in Caloocan.

Apparently, Hontiveros and her camp didn't bother to seek the parents' permission before taking their children into their custody.

In an exclusive interview with the mothe of one of the child witnesses, she said what the lady senator did was very wrong.

"Actually hindi ko alam eh. Hindi tama. 'Yun po yung isang foul dun eh. Bago po nila kukunin yung anak ko, kunin muna nila yung permiso sa akin kung papayag ba ako na sa kanilang panig ko ibibigay. Unang-una yang Hontiveros na yan, hindi ko po siya nakakausap. Hindi man lang niya hinanap muna kung paano makontak ang ina ng witness dahil minor po yan eh," the mother said.

Also, some of the relatives of two minor witnesses insisted to just let the Public Attorney's Office (PAO) take the children into custody instead of the senator's.

Watch the video below:

PAO have called out the attention of Hontiveros who blatantly refused to turn over the witnesses.

Persida Acosta criticized the lady senator reminding her that it is the PAO, which is working alongside Philippine National Police (PNP), National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) in protecting witnesses. The mentioned agencies are the ones with the mandate to protect witnesses such as of delos Santos case and it was the family that chose PAO to handle their complaints. Acosta called out to her to turn over the custody of witnesses to Department of Justice.

Meanwhile, Hontiveors claimed that two of the child witnesses initially sought aid from her office.

"Sa simula pa lang, when my office took custody of the witnesses, it was in response to the request of these witnesses and their families, and even the family of Kian to protect them from the threats that they have been receiving," she said in a statement.

"Sa dulo, ang ultimong desisyon ay nasa mga witnesses at kanilang pamilya," she added.

Source: PinoyThinking