Liberal Party and PH Mainstream media works together to give LP a good image

Let's make the obvious stand out even more.

The joint propaganda to elevate Liberal Party's image, a collaboration of the PH mainstream media and the Liberal Party itself.

Blogger, social media icon and a Manila Times columnist, Sass Sasot pointed out how huge of a difference it is the way the Philippines' mainstream media reports news about the cronies of the Liberal Party and those who are against them.

One recent and clear illustration was the time when Senator Antonio Trillanes had an exposé on the alleged ill-gotten and unexplained wealth of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Trillanes publicized spreadsheet file documents which, according to him, contains undeclared wealth of Duterte. Devious as they can be, large and major news networks feasted on the unproven revelation of the failed vice president candidate, holding only an excel spreadsheet of wherever he may have gotten the alleged proof. They purposely emphasized the entire issue by proliferately airing it over and over again.

Contrary to that display of desperation to drag down Duterte, with the same nature of allegations but with more believable and legal evindences, the mainstream media struggled to denigrate Patricia Paz Bautista, the estranged wife of Commission on Elections (COMELEC) chair Andres Bautista who is a know crony of the Liberal Party.

Patricia appeared on the public's eye carrying physical a evidences of her husband's questionable wealth. There were more reports on her so-called extortion on her own husband than the news reports of Andres Bautista's questionable wealth's source.

Read Sasot's entire Facebook post below:

During the 2016 elections, Sen. Trillanes with an Excel sheet of the amounts of alleged unexplained wealth of Duterte. 
Philippine mainstream media and the Liberal Party of the Philippines moved heaven and earth to reinforce Trillanes’ narrative. 
August 2017 - Tisha Bautista, wife of COMELEC Chair Andy Bautista presenting the numerous ACTUAL bank passbooks and other documents of the alleged unexplained wealth of her husband. 
Philippine mainstream media and the Liberal Party of the Philippines is now moving heaven and earth to demonize Mrs Bautista.

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