LOOK: BOC Commissioner Faeldon Cried at Senate hearing on shabu mess, Know Why!

For the first, Bureau of Customs (BOC) Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon became emotional during the Senate blue ribbon committee hearing on a P6.4-billion shipment of drugs from China.

On Tuesday, Faeldon, who has been in the hotseat for weeks now, explained why became emotional during the hearing.

"You know kanina nakita niyo tumulo 'yung luha ko. Bakit? Kasi the good guys in the Bureau are being persecuted," Faeldon told the media.

"You know there are a lot of good guys in the bureau. Innocent people have been hurt by these baseless accusations of so many people," he added.

First to interpellate was Senator Antonio Trillanes who strived to grill the Custom's commissioner, hinting the latter is directly involved in the alleged corruption within the agency.

"Is there corruption in the Customs?" the senator asked immediately.

Trillanes repeatedly asked if there is corruption in the BOC, but Faeldon refused to answer because it seemed like the senator is already implying that Faeldon is really a corrupt official. Also it was because to does not want to further justify Trillanes' "preposterous stories" which the latter has been spreading for weeks. The two were former comrades and part of the 2003 Oakwood mutiny in Makati.

"In the past weeks, he peddled preposterous stories. It’s pointless for me to answer these questions… I’m already guilty of his accusations so it’s baseless to answer him," Faeldon said.

Trillanes threatened to put Faeldon to contempt if he'll keep on refusing to answer.
"I’m asking you as a member of the committee. These are not accusations. Tinatanong kita, meron bang corrupt sa Customs o wala (I am asking you, is there corruption in Customs or none) or I’ll be forced to move you for contempt," Trillanes warned.

Later on, Faeldon gave up and responded to the question as Senator Gordon intervened and plead to Faeldon to answer. The latter gave up but tears started to fall from his eyes as he spoke to the committee's chairman.

Faeldon said it was his duty to protect innocent employees of Customs including their families who were also being dragged in the issue. Afterwards, Gordon called for recess and talked to Faeldon.

When the hearing resumed, Trillanes asked the same question and finally, Faledon, confirmed that there is indeed corruption.

Last week, BOC commissioner had a heart attack but still decided to attend the Senate investigation on the drug shipment from China.

After being persecuted by Trillanes in the Senate hearing, Faeldon released his emotions and said Trillanes is a liar.

"As far as Mr. Trillanes is concerned, he’s a liar," Faeldon said in an ambush interview.

Trillanes claimed that he is holding "enough documents" proving the core of the corruption inside Customs is none other than its Commissioner.

In a text message to the media, Trillanes responded to Faeldon's allegations, saying, "The public saw the irrational demeanor of Comm. Faeldon during the hearing. I will not stoop down to his level."

"He should just prepare for the next hearing because I’ll present documentary evidence to show how he lied to the committee," he added.

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Source: GMA, INQ (2)