MUST WATCH! AFP Soldier going home from Marawi City shot dead by policemen

Soldiers who risks their lives to fight in Marawi City against the notorious ISIS-inspired Maute terrorist group are acknowledged as heroes. They deserve to be treated with utmost respect and honor for what they are doing for the country that barely appreciate their sacrifices.

A soldier coming home from the conflict-stricken city of Marawi faced an unfortunate fate in the hands of a fellow government law enforcer.

Rodilo Torres Bartolome, an Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) soldier and a member of the 53rd Infantry Batallion was assigned in Marawi City. He was shot dead in Monte Alegre, Aurora while standing in front of a sari-sari store. He died instantly.

Before the unfortunate incident happened, the police was alerted of a strange man standing in front of a store carrying a rifle. When the authorities arrived at the location, it was reported that the soldier wearing civilian clothing was about to pull out his gun when he was confronted which is why the police immediately fired at him.

When his belongings were checked, it was found out that Bartolome was an active soldier assigned in Marawi City. His wife said that his husband was on his way home when he suddenly stopped by the said province not knowing the way home. She added that his husband seemed already not in his proper mind when he called her.

The soldier's family and comrades were enraged seeing Bartolome lying on the ground lifeless.

However, witnesses claimed that the soldier was only standing in front of the store while waiting for a van and he did not pull a gun when the police confronted him.

Police were also in civilian clothing carrying a caliber .45 when they approached Bartolome, thinking he was about to pull a gun out, the two policemen immediately fired at him. But it wasn't a gun he was going to pull out, it was his identification card to identify himself as a fellow government law enforcer.

Watch the video below:

Netizens were angry at how the two police officers reacted to the situation. One even said that they should go back to training for their lack of knowledge in rules of engagement.

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