MUST WATCH: Tortured Househelper won case against abusive employers after 5 years

"Namamalantsa po ako nun, tapos sinabihan nya akong bilisan kong mamlansta tapos nagalit po siya sa akin, bakit ang tagal ko daw mamlantsa, tapos pinalantsa na lang po mukha ko."

These were just some of the words of the househelper, Bonita Baran, during the Senate hearing about the physical abuses she got from her female employer. Baran was just a just a teenager when she started working for the married couple, Reynold and Analiza Marzan.

After waiting for five long years, Baran finally gets the justice she deserves. Quezon City Regional Trial Court Branch 77 senteced her female employer of reclusion perpetua or lifetime imprisonment while her husband will be imprisoned for 8 to 14 yeards for the charges of serious illegal detention on their househelper.

Through the help of the Public Attorney Office (PAO), Baran never gave up and fought for her rights despite her pitiful situation.

Baran was locked up for 3 years and was continuously abused within those years by her female employer, Analiza Marzan. According to the forensice lab of PAO, there were at least 200 scars found on the househelper's body - a solid proof of torture. She was treated less than like a dog. The torture lead to her blindness which her employers ignored.

"The most severe was from a fracture on the nose and extensive scars in the face and head," Dr. Erwin Erfe said.

During the Senate hearing of her case in 2012, Baran who was just 21 years old then appeared with a massively scarred face which she incurred from repeated beatings from both her employers.

Before the abuse started, Baran she was treated well but she was only paid P700 a month. A year later, her salary increased to P2,000 a month but that was also the time when the abuse started. She said her female boss beats her up every time she does klutzy chores. But as time went by, the beatings had gone more severe. Sometimes, she was told to sleep in the bathroom and was always locked up in a room whenever the famil leaves the house. The most unimaginable was during the times Analiza tells her to eat cockroaches and scraps.

Baran was offered a compensation of P500,000 from her former employers on 2013, she turned down the offer.

"No amount of money will be enough to compensate for my blindness. I want justice. I will never agree to a settlement," she told the media.

"I told them I would not accept any offer [for a settlement]. I am pushing through with the case until I get justice for what happened to me," she added.

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