Non-bailable charges against DAILY INQUIRER's owners for economic sabotage "MAGSASAMA KAYO NI DE LIMA SA KULUNGAN"

President Rodrigo Duterte lashes out on the Philippine Daily Inquirer's, planning to file economic sabotage charges against the broadsheet owners for illegaly occupying a certain government-owned property in Makati.

During the 113th founding anniversary of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) on Wednesday, Duterte threatened to file charges against the Prieto-Rufino for not paying appropriate taxes and on refusing to leave the 2.9 hectare Mile Long commercial complex the city of Makati.

He pointed out that the owners should immediately leave the said property so that it can be used as housing location for the poor.

"Fifty years nakinabang kayo, then it expired no extension tapos you never paid government...and taxes, and then you collected dyan sa Mile Long.
Alam mo kung ano yan? pareho yan kay Mighty King mag fake ka ng stamps, that is economic sabotage.
Pag yan ang finile ni Aguirre sa inyo pasok kayong lahat kasama kayo ni De Lima, no bail yan.
Hindi na ako interesado sa pera na ninakaw mo, I'll be happy to see you there... sa Crame," he said.

"If I could prove, which I am studying now, that it’s economic sabotage, then I will file cases against them for economic sabotage. Then I will not allow bail. Makatikim rin sila, ang mga mayaman once in their life, makapasok sila ng presuhan (These rich people can experience life in jail)."

The Prietos owed the government billions of pesos of taxes which Duterte said they haven't paid at all, more like they have no plans on paying.

"Kung magsalita ang Inquirer, when they attacked us in government, it is as if we are really a band of robbers. They have been holding the property for almost 50 years then they were able to negotiate. Pero wala na , there’s no valid contract for Inquirer. They have to surrender it now because I need the money," the President said.

Duterte also said he will not allow bail on the Prieto-Rufinos so that they can experience the same chaos other criminals feel.

"Then I will not allow bail. Makatikim rin sila, ang mga mayaman, for once in their life, makapasok sila ng presuhan," he claimed.

The Sunvar Realty Development Corporation is a firm owned by the families bu the lease agreement on the Mile Long property already expired almost 15 years ago.

"You continue to lease it, which is not yours, the property, then you continue to collect. So what does that mean? It means swindling on a large scale," he said.

Solicitor General Jose Calida have already told Sunvar to vacate the property in dispute or else he will run after the family's properties instead.

Apparently, the Inquirer owners owes the government P1.656 billion in rental fees, exclusive of legal interest. Both the elite families announced last July, that they are planning to sell their majority shares to a businessman named Ramon Ang.

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