Ozamiz Citizen Who Posted group photo of Duterte and the Parojinogs claimed he is not anti-Duterte

The viral group photo of President Rodrigo Duterte and the Parojinogs created noise wherein the uploader implied that since Duterte is 'friends' with the Parojinogs, his war on drugs will definitly fail.

Netizen Cyril Sarge Bukawin claimed his purpose for spreading the photo was to challenge, pressure and ridicule him.

"My agenda is to challenge him, pressure him and ridicule him that he is no match to the Parojinogs," he said.

His motives may seem of an anti-Duterte but actually, they were not. Although he wasn't fond of some policies of the chief executive, his real reason was to expose and attack the Parojinog using social media, claiming that these people have been spreading atrocities for years.

"My blogs caught the netizens attention and some were made viral on online news pages. It's the challenge I sent to Duterte that his success on the war on drugs should start in Ozamiz City because it's the hub for organized crime and the illegal drug trade. It is also the haven of the notorious kuratong baleleng syndicate. Ozamiz is the determining factor, a litmus test on his war on drugs."

Bukawin believes they are responsible for the death of his father-in-law, Juan Dongallo, Jr. who was killed in 2013. His family was threatened by the notorious clan for trying to stop the Parojinog clan who were linked in illegal drug trade in Ozamiz City.

"The people may think that I'm a full bloodied anti-Duterte ( in some policies only ) but what they didn't know is that being an anti - Duterte is my plan B. I wanna be the one pushing Duterte's button because my plan A in attacking the Parojinogs on social media for years now after they killed my father in law ( Juan Dongallo, Jr. ) in 2013 was only scratching the surface. They have threatened and vilified my relatives in the city because of my nuances in their drug business. Some of my relatives has to move to another city to avoid being terrorized by motorcycle riding goons of the Parojinogs. I was alone on that battle during that time."

His family moved to another city because the loons of the Parojinogs were always patrolling in the city. However, he decided to staty to prove to the people of Ozamiz that there is someone who is willing expose and fight against the notorious political dynasty even if he has to risk his own life.

"Being a native of Ozamiz, I kept my true identity open so that the people will realize that there is still one brave soul left to contest and fight the Parojinogs of Ozamiz City! I knew it's suicidal as I fought hard and spent hours just using my iPhone while working or driving to deliver my message. In fact, some of the photo collages of the Parojinogs like Novas Hermes bags were mine."

To make it short, Cyril Sarge Bukawin spread the photo to pressure the President to do something about it, even if he is really friends with the slain Ozamiz City mayor Aldong Parojinog and his family.

Finally, Bukawin praised Duterte for realizing that that Ozamiznons have been yearning for freedom from the cruel Parojinog clan. He also expressed his gratitude to Gen. Ronald " Bato " Dela Rosa for listening to the cries of the people of Ozamiz and also to PCI Jovie Espenido and the rest of his for finally eradicating the Parojinog's criminalities.

Read his entire message below:

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Source: Facebook