Pangilinan defends Aquino against Duterte: No need for insults!

With the ex-President in distress, here comes Senator Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan to the rescue!

Senator Pangilinan responded to President Rodrigo Duterte's curses towards former Pres. Noynoy Aquino.

First and foremost, Duterte will not mock nor curse at someone without them doing or saying anything stupid, most especially when the person who insulted the current administrations efforts is the worst president of the Philippines. Like, what does he even know about leadership?

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

Through a text message, Pangililinan chided Duterte stating that the government must make sure that the spread of illegal drugs should be the perspective of a health problem and not a law enforcement issue.

"Dagdag pa hindi naman kailangan murahin at insultuhin ang kapwa natin kung hindi natin sina-sangayunan ang sinasabi nito," he said, referring to the recent remarks of Duterte towards Aquino, where he called him 'gago' for saying that the war on drugs of the administration isn't successful.

Meanwhile, Senator Grace Poe also released a statement regarding the President's message to his predecessor.

Poe said Duterte must keep his words 'SPG' or Strong Parental Guidance, a classification rating for TV programs she introduced during her term at the MTRCB.

"Style niya na yan pero siyempre, pag pinapakinggan ng mga bata gagayahin; sang-ayon ba tayo dun?" Poe said in an interview.

"Basta, alam na ninyo kung ano ang mali; so paalala lang, SPG," she said.

Duterte responded on Aquino's remarks, after he former President insulted the ward against illegal drugs.

"What's wrong with you? You are good ... Generals are your aides, Roxas's aides are drug-related, connected," he lambasted.

In a statement released by Aquino in July, he defended his administration's so-called efforts to eradicate drug-related issues in the Philippines. He even dared to cite figures showing the decrease of drug users in his term.

"Sometimes some people are asking me what I did not do here, I left it etc ... just go back to the number of times we did not," Aquino said.

"When we first started, estimated at 1.7M, 1.3M decreased by 2015, when it was relatively close to arbitration and I had a connection and a strong pressure to slow down with arbitration, Again of 1.8M," he added.

On Tuesday, Aquino claimed that the all-out war on drugs of the Duterte administration has not produced any result yet, stating, "it seems like nothing happened."

Source: GMA