PNP Chief Bato Alerts Ozamiz City police to keep a lookout for Parojinogs revenge on them; hit-men hired to hunt down police officials

After the massive fall of the Parojinog political dynasty last Sunday, do you think they'll let it end just like that? After all, they have lost a lot and who knows, they might do something to get back at those who were responsible for their misfortune.

From that point of view, Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Director General Ronald ‘Bato’ dela Rosa alerted the Ozamiz City police force to always keep their guard up as the Parojinog family might seek revenge.

During an ambush interview with PNP Chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa after the 26th anniversary celebration of the Bureau of Fire Protection held at Camp Aguinaldo, Dela Rosa revealed that there were two huge boats that ported from Culambugan, Lanao del Norte to add more forces for the fallen Parojinog family.

Dela Rosa assigned the regional director of PNP Region 10 to add more forces and always be on guard to whatever may happen. He added that there might be hit-men hired by the Parojinogs to assassinate the police officials of Ozamiz city.

Moreover, he elaborated that the officials and personnel of Ozamiz City to keep their lookout for their safety and security since they were the ones who took down one of the most influential and powerful families in the city.

There might also be a chance that other groups might use the current situation as an opportunity to attack the police and blame it on the fallen family.

Ozamiz City Vice Mayor Nova Parojinog-Echavez previously claimed that the police officers planted evidences when they raided they home. The PNP dared her to prove her allegations, bring some evidences that it really happened.

PNP spokesperson Chief Supt. Dionardo Carlos said that the raid was done by the PNP-Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) Region 10 and it was well-documented.

Mayor Aldong Parojinog was killed along with 14 others including his wife, Susan during a raid in their homes on predawn of Sunday. The said raid garnered several reactions from different people of different social statuses. Some think there was an overkill while most think the Parojinog deserved what they got. After all, they too have been involved in illegal drug trades among other criminal activities.

Slain Mayor Aldong Parojinog, tested positive of gun powder residue as well as the 7 of fifteen who died during the raid in Ozamiz City, said Philippine National Police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Dionardo Carlos on Thursday.

"Positive for paraffin test or gunpowder nitrate si Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog at iba pa nilang kasama. Si Mayor Parojinog, may two gunshot wounds sa chest and face," Carlos said in a press conference.

Testing positive in a paraffin test only means that a gun near a person was fired.

"Ibig sabihin sa firearm near their body or limb was fired kaya nagkaroon ng gunpowder burns," he said.

"It will show us that the firearms that were recovered in the premises were used and there was a gun battle, there was  an exchange of gunfire and it will reinforce na meron ho talagang nagpalitan ng putok kasi nandun po sa loob ng premises ‘yung mga katawan na nag-positive sa gunpowder burns," he added.

Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog and her brother, Reynaldo Jr.,  were arrested and brought to Camp Crame. The two will be facing non-bailable charges.

Source: TNP