Police C/Insp.Espenido excavates old deep well, an alleged dumping ground of Parojinog's victims

Widely known as the biggest organized crime syndicate, also referred to be the untouchable Kuratong Baleleng Gang of Misamis Occidental.

But who said they are untouchable?

Ozamiz City Mayor Aldong Parojinog, son of the alleged found of the Kuratong Baleleng was killed in clash in his homes along with 14 others, including his wife. City Police Chief Inspector Jovie Espenido and his team served a search warrant predawn of Sunday where they met a volley of gunfires as they enter the premises.

Their children Nova Princess, the city's incumbent Vice Mayor and his brother, Reynaldo Jr., were indicted for drug trafficking and illegal possession of firearms by the Department of Justice.

Reports to the police claimed that the Parojinog's slain victims from their criminal activities were dumped and buried in an old deep well within the city of Ozamiz.

Police Chief Inspector Espenido on Friday ordered the excavation of the said well to verify the reports that this is where slain Mayor Parojinog ordered to dump bodies. According to the reports, it was only last month that the said bodies were dumped and buried in the well, mostly were bodies of roberry victims, local tourists of Ozamiz, military and police assets.

Law enforcers used a backhoe to excavate the well and retrieve whatever is buried. However, after hours of digging, all the police found were garbage and some bones which are yet to be verified if from human.

Last Wednesday, Espenido said that they were currently looking for the body dump site of the notorious clan.

"’Yon nga hinahanap natin ngayon, kung saan inilibing ba," he said.

It was said that the compound within Barangay Bagacay is the used as a dumping ground for the dead bodies of the Parojinog's competitors in drug business.

To cover up their tracks, the familiy returned to a smaller house to prevent any accusations of narcotic business when President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office.

"As if hindi sila mayaman, bumalik na sa kanilang bahay na maliit…Siguro alam naman ng lahat na involved sila sa drugs," said Espenido.

When the law enforcers of Ozamiz raided tried to raid the home carrying a legitimate search warrant, they were hindered by the gunshots greetings of the the alleged private army of the Parojinogs.

There was a man who identified himself as "Noel" revealed that he had worked for the family for 20 years as their drug courier and hitman.

From his testimony, he was assigned to picked several kilos of crystal met from the National Bilibid Prison and then take it Ozamiz where it will be divided and distributed by Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog, the daughter of Mayor Aldong.

He also told the media that they were involved in many holdup operations. He was also ordered to kill several of their enemies and employees who failed to do what they were asked, even chopping some of their bodies.

Forty barangay chairman of Ozamiz surrendered 200 weapons, short and long firearms, including ammunition.

Source: Interaksyon