Poor child died after hospital nurses in Cavite rejected to admit him because the mother has no money to pay

Although bearing the name of a Roman Catholic Church's saint, San Lorenzo Ruiz, this hospital didn't seem to live up to the life and views of person it adapted it's name from.

Facebook user, Eyah Castro was very furious in her post about how her nephew was blatantly rejected in San Lorenzo Ruiz Hospital at Naic, Cavite on August 27 around 3 p.m by nurses who were on-duty at the emergency room (ER).

Her nephew was taken to the hospital by his mother, who is her sister, to be admitted because of diarrhea and dehydration. When the two got there, they found the nurses were having a good time while feasting on an ice cream.

Her sister sought for their help but a male nurse approached them, thinking they would he would, she dumbfounded when she instead asked if she had the money to pay for the hospital bill, since San Lorenzo Ruiz Hospital is a private owned hospital it'll be expensive.

A female nurse who was with them went to check the child and even said the sick child is already pale and dehydrated, Castro's sister was told to just go to public hospital in Trece.

Instead of helping them or even just giving the child a first aid to at least prevent his situation from getting more severe than it already is, she given a referral slip for Trece.

Midway their travel, her sister noticed her son already stopped breathing. He's dead.

At the end of her post, Eyah said what they did to her nephew and sister is unfair and a discrimination. She hoped for them to do their job properly and treat each patient equally.

"Shout out !!!!para sa mga nurse on duty sa emergency room ng san lorenzo hospital naic cvite khapun aug.27 around 3pm. Na nagsasaya habang kumakain kayo ng icecream sinugod ng kpatid ko ang pamangkin ko para ipaadmit ang anak nya dhil nag tatae at na dihydrate na humingi ng tulong sainyo ang kpatid ko peo may isang nurse na lalaki lumapit at cnabing mrs. May pera kba na pambayad dto sa ospital svi ng kpatid ko wala po at ang svi ng nurse bka mabigla ka sa ba2yaran dto at tiningnan pa ng isa pang nurse babae ang pamangkin ko svi namumutla na yan dihydrated na dalhin muna lng yan sa public sa trece ospital sobrang natataranta na ung kpatid ko kc mag isa lng sya sa halip na gamutin nyo ung bata bnigyan nyo lng ng referal pa trece at habang nasa kalahatian na ng byahe ang kapatid ko napansin nya wala ng hninga ang pamangkin ko dna umabot sa trece ni hindi man lng bnigyan khit first aid ung bata pera agad ang tinanung nila tama po vah ang gnawa nyo? kung cnu man kau !!!!na nurse na humarap sa kpatid ko eto npo ang kinahinatnan ng mag ina hndi po mkatarungan ang pag trato nyo sa pasyente porki vah walang pera d nyo gagamutin sana mkarating sainyo ang minsahe kung eto !!!magkaron aman sana kau ng pantay pantay na pag tingin sa pasyente may pera man eto o wala......."
 Her post have gone viral accumulating more than 124,724 furious reactions, 70,192 comments and 68,825 shares.

President Rodrigo Duterte signed a bill into law that will give serious penalties on hospitals and clinics that will refuse to treat emergency or serious cases without primary deposit.

Under the Anti-Hospital Deposit Law it is unlawful for either both hospitals and clinics to "request, solicit, demand or accept any deposit or any other form of advance payment as a prerequisite for administering basic emergency care to any patient."

The penalty against any medical practitioner or hospital/clinic employee will be fined P100,000 but not over P300,000.

If the reason of rejection is due to hospital policies, the director of the establishment who is responsible for the implementation of such policy, he alond will be fined P500,000 to P1 million.

The law can also revoke the hospital or clinics' license to operate if the offense is repeated thrice.

"The president, chairman, board of directors, or trustees and other officers of the health facility shall be solidarily liable for damages that may be awarded by the court to the patient-complainant," the law reads.

In case you encounter anyone in any hospital or clinics that are rejecting patients because of no depositing any amount, remind them of this law.

Source: Eyah Castro, ABS-CBN