Pregnant kindergarten teacher yelled and slapped a child in Tuguegarao

Teaching requires maximum tolerance.

A school is supposed to be the second home for students where the teacher is considered the second mother or parent of the kids. Teaching is not an easy job, actually, it's not a job or it's a career that one must be devoted to do, otherwise, it won't be worthwhile and satisfying.

Teachers need an unlimited supply of patience and love for them supervising students, especially children who can be sometimes unruly or hard to teach.

A video of a teacher and her students has gone viral in social media. The video was taken at the Namabbalan Elementary School in Tuguegarao City, where the teacher was caught in the act yelling at one of her pupils who was working on matching similar items among three sets.

"Tingnan mo lang....'Hindi ko alam?' Wala kayong mga mata....Ano ang pareho dito sa 3?" she yelled.

When her pupil got the wrong answer, she slapped him hard. Obviously, she was mad the poor kid, who couldn't seem to focus of her yelling.

The media as able to reach Department of Education (DepEd) Cagayan Valley regional director Estela Cariño through a phone call. She said they are already looking into the infuriating incident and had given directives to the DepEd division head where the school is located to start a probe and background check on the pissed teacher.

She also admitted that she only found out when the video went viral in social media.

To not be bias on the incident, the Child Protection Committee convened on Friday so that the teacher will have a chance to say her side of the story.

Cariño stated that such is not tolerated in their school and will conduct a thorough investigation to "see the mitigating circumstances" for there should be a "due process" before they start taking actions against the teacher.

"We have already asked the division office [of Tuguegarao] to send guidance persons to counsel her students because this might not the only time that she went that way,"  she told the media.

However, there is still no formal complaint filed from the parents of the child but since there's a video evidence, they will from there and then get statements from the parents.

"To all the teachers, as I've said, you are the parent of the child within the classroom. The moment you accepted becoming a teacher, you are already accepting or considering those learners as your children. So treat them with tender loving care," Cariño said.

As of writing the video has accumulated 4,778,661 views, almost 12,000 fiery comments, 18,707 reactions and 14,895 shares.

Watch video below and judge for yourself:

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