Radio Broadcaster murdered after exposing Parojinog's connection to Herbert Colanggo; drug trade manipulator of Ozamiz!

On his death bed, Frederick "Cocoy" May y Colanggo revealed the illegal activities committed by the Parojinog's in their hometown Ozamiz City through an interview with the journalist Mr. Ratsada.

Cocoy is the self-confessed right-hand of the high profile New Bilibid inmate and also his relative, Herbert Colanggo.

Pro-Duterte blogger, Krizette Laureta Chu, along with he video of the said interview, she posted a challenge for the anti-Duterte journalists, who think they're so brave for attacking the President.

Chu said she'll believe that these journalists are really brave if they dare to expose drug lords in the Philippines instead of solely attacking the incumbent Philippine chief executive.

"Mas nakakabilib ang tapang ninyo kung ang I expose ninyo drug lords sa Pilipinas, imbes puro parte Kay Duterte. Yung totoo.

"But you won't. Because with Duterte you can keep up with the pretense that you are brave for "exposing" him while you know in your heart that Duterte won't touch you," she wrote.

Furthermore, Chu said the reason why they cannot expose drug lords is because they'll die for sure, unlike with Duterte, who is an easy target and will never lay a finger on them.

Watch this video:

Compared to Mr. Ratsada, who bravely interviewed the former indispensable helper of Herbert Colanggo, the journalists who keeps on attacking the so-called extrajudicial killings and never dared to expose anything related to drug lords are just mere cowards.

In the attached video, in stated in the introduction that the following scenes are the dying declaration of Frederick "Cocoy" May y Colanggo about the drug operations in the city of Ozamiz and neighboring provinces manipulated by Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog.

Mr. Ratsada is a known loyalist of the Parojinog but later turned his back on them because he could no longer swallow the illegal families linking to drug trade, heinous crimes and corruptions.

Cocoy, as stated in the video, called for Ratsada for him to be able to share his revelations in the public even before he dies. He had a huge realization that his former life as a part of drug trades conducted in Ozamiz were the biggest mistake of his life and that he no longer wants his family to suffer.

The name of VM Nova Parojinog as the main contact of the drug trade in Ozamiz. Drugs the originates from Muntinlupa, Manila through his relative "Ampang", real name Herbert Colanggo.

He confessed that the drugs then will be taken by Joel Colanggo, then to a certain Waway and Unyol.

Ratsada asked if Mayor Reynaldo 'Aldong' Parojinog's daughter is really a part of the trade, Cocoy said yes. It's automatic for Nova to handle the narcotics brought to the city for she is the only contact of Ampang in Ozamiz.

The interview was conducted at the residence of Cocoy on April 10, 2015.

Cocoy died a week after the interview due to lung cancer while Mr. Ratsada was murdered in broad daylight outside a shopping center along Washington Street at 10 AM by three unknown assailants.

Sustaining shots in his head, cheek and abdomen, he died 3o minutes after being brought to the hospital.

Source: ABS-CBN, Krizette Chu