Raffy Tulfo binanatan ang mga kritiko sa pagkakamatay kay Mayor Parojinog : BAKA PROTECTOR KAYO NG DRUGA!

The popular radio broadcaster and journalist Raffy Tulfo lambasted the criticizers of Ozamiz City raid where Mayor Reynaldo "Aldong" Parojinog, a notorious narcopolitician was killed during clash.

He gave his statements before officially starting their radio segment. According to him, there are a lot of Filipinos who are just so hard to understand. If a small-time drug suspect is killed during an encounter with the police, several critics of the Duterte administration's war on drugs complains, saying why do they only target small-time drug suspects, 'why haven't they got any 'big fish' or big-time drug personality'.

"Kapag ang napapatay sa engkwentro ay maliliit na pusher, nagrereklamo! 'Oh bakit maliliit lang pinapatay nyo, bakit hindi yung malalaki?!'" he said. "Why not the 'big fish'?"

But now that the Ozamiz City police made the effort to give those critics a bigger drug personality, they are still complaining. What exactly do they want?

"Ngayong 'big fish' etong nakaengkwentro ng ating mga autoridad, reklamo pa din!" he ranted more. "Kapag yung maliliit na pusher napapatay, nagrereklamo. Bakit daw hindi malalaki, ngayon malaki yung napatay, nagrereklamo pa rin" he said.

He said maybe these people who keeps on complaining are also drug pushers. Maybe they are also drug protectors.

Tulfo also berated on a TV station that reacts violently every time a drug personality, whether its a big or small, is killed or arrested by the law enforcers. This TV station kept on pinning down and blaming the Ozamiz police on the death of the Parojinog  politician.

It has been a public knowledge that the Parojinogs have been involved in illegal, in fact, they were included in President Rodrigo Duterte's narcolist.

"Talagang dinidikdik yung police natin. Galit na galit bakit daw pinatay si Parojinog. Baka protektor kayo ng droga dyan."

This said TV station, according to Nina Taduran was the one which did not follow protocol and rules of engagement.

"Galit na galit sa mga pulis nating, bakit daw kasi pinatay sina Parojinog," Tulfo said.
"Sobrang dikdik yung pag-iinterview sa mga pulis natin. I'm not gonna mention the name of the TV station."

According to Tulfo, this was actually the second time they did this. The first time was when Albuera Mayo Rolando Espinosa was killed in his cell, this TV station reacted the same way.

Now Tulfo is puzzled why they act the way they did. Are they protectors or relatives of drug protectors, he asked.

Nina Taduran on the other hand, mentioned that the Indonesian government is mimicking what the our government is doing with the widely spread drug trade.

Tulfo asked them, why are they overly reacting whenever a drug lord is killed. Two possible reason why, it's either they are protectors or they too are involved in drug trade.

Watch the video below: