SHOCKING! This Family in China Did Something Unspeakable to Their Baby!

Usually people would put and leave their belongings and other valuables inside a locker to keep it safe. Meanwhile, in China, this married couple had a unique and quite disturbing idea of valuables to put inside their locker.

In China, a pool attendant was horrified after witnessing parents pull out their wailing baby inside the swimming pool's wooden locker. Apparently, the little one was left there while the rest of the family left and swam.

The poor toddler, who the staff identified to be a one-year old, was pulled out by the mother who was looked totally unfazed by what seemed to be natural for her to do.

Some bystanders claimed his parents had put him there ‘because it was convenient’.

There were visitors who heard the loud crying of the baby from inside the tiny compartment that is supposed to be used for storing bags and other stuff. They were stunned after realizing that there really was a child hidden inside and immediately called for whom the locker had been assigned.

This is one good example of bad parenting, wrong in all different levels!

Luckily, according to a Chinese news website, despite the tiny compartment he was in, the baby did not show any symptoms of suffocation but it was still unclear how long he had been left inside the small unit.

Parents admitted to leaving their son because it was more 'convenient' for them, adding they did not want to look after the little one while they were swimming and didn't want to pay for child care.

People were enraged after knowing what this parents did, branding them as ""careless, selfish and irresponsible" on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter.

One said: "The child looked powerless when it was pulled out. How scared the child must have been after being left in such a dark and small space.

Another wrote: "How careless could the parents be? The child is not an object. If it's not convenient, then don't go to take the bath."

There are fears the child could suffer from claustrophobia in the future and the parents have faced calls to have their guardianship revoked.

Watch the bystander's video recording below: