SOLID PROOF why BBM should be the Vice President of the Philippines and not Robredo

This is a solid proof why former Senator Bongbong Marcos deserves to be the incumbent Vice President of the Philippines rather than pa-famous Leni Robredo.

The video is from the Vice Presidential debate of May 2016 election where personal attacks from then VP candidate Robredo were directed to Marcos.

It is obvious that Robredo's were particularly indirect and there seems to be no good supporting statements while Marcos were specific and straight to the point.

From the subject human rights abuses, the long-time running ill-gotten wealth cotroversy of Marcos' family surfaced the debate. The question was, "As the son of the late President, do you acknowledge that during your father’s term, human rights abuses were committed? And are you willing to apologize for them?"

For the former senator, he stated that he acknowledged every sinle case of human rights abuses in every administration for it is necessary to address such issues otherwise the mistakes might be repeated. In his 27 years of service as public servant, he was never accused of any suspicion or accusations of any human rights violation. If there are any, he said that he can only apologize for HIS OWN wrong doings but he can only apologize for himself and not of his father's.

"I certainly acknowledge every human rights abuse in every administration. I think it is necessary that we do so, or else, we are to repeat the mistakes and abuses of the past. What I can say also to you is that, in my 27 years of service, there has never been any suspicion, any accusation, or even any allegation made against me that there were human rights abuses or non-recognition of people’s civil rights in my time in government… I will apologize for every—I have said this before and I will say it again—I will apologize for any wrongdoing that I may have done, any mistake that may have caused anyone any pain or hardship, but I can only apologize for myself."

On the other hand, Robredo who was a Congresswoman that time, was asked about her recent statements in an interview regarding Marcos' issue.

Robredo said that an apology is voluntarily given, saying that none of them can force Marcos to apologize but for her the admission of the Marcos' ill-gotten wealth, until now they still haven't received that yet. Until now [the time during the debate], the Filipinos still haven't claimed what is due to them. That [ill-gotten wealth] should be returned to us.

"Alam mo Pia, yung apology, voluntary. Given yon. Hindi natin pwede ipilit sa kanya. Pero sa akin, yung recognition na maraming kamalian in the past, kasali dun yung hidden wealth na hanggang ngayon, hindi pa natin nakukuha at yon ay nakaw yon sa taong bayan. Hindi yata natatama, hindi yata natatama na i-acknowldge lang yon. Kailangan ibalik yon sa atin."

In his rebut, Marcos said all the queries and issues regarding the so-called ill-gotten wealth have been a part of several court hearings, and they have always followed every single court order issued to them. Moreover, since Robredo mentioned about the wealth that is yet to be returned by the Marcoses, the former senator said he cannot give what he does not have.

Robredo on her rebut to Marcos, said that there two judgements from U.S court and Singapore court that orders them [Marcoses] to return their stolen wealth but until now, nothing.

Marcos said it is not his family that hinders the financial claim of those whose rights have been violated but it is the Liberal Party. So if they truly want to received their compensations, the government [which was currently under the control of the Liberal Party at the time, the Party which Robredo is a member] must withdraw its claim so that the HR claimants will get what is due to them. He repeated that the government, the LP is the body that hinders the distribution of compensations.

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