VM Nova Parojinog's Hermes collection, HER MESS - Katas ng Shabu!

So tell us, how much exactly does an incumbent vice mayor make to afford multi-million worth of accessories?

Just this Sunday, the whole country was shocked with the outburst of news about the politicians of Ozamiz City's involvement in illegal drug trade and many other criminal offenses.

Law enforcers of the city served search warrants to the Parojinog's homes at predawn resulting to the deaths of Mayor Aldong Parojinog, his wife and several others. Police reports states warrant serving officers were met with a volley of gunshots as they enter the residence of the narcopoliticians. The gunfight lasted almost two hours.

But that is not the only part where that is controversial, actually, the slain mayor's daughter and also the incumbent vice mayor of Ozamiz City, Nova Princess Parojinog-Echavez, made it to the top for her questionable ownership of several designer and luxury items.

From the Facebook page, For The Motherland - Sass Rogando Sasot, uploaded several photos of these items and their corresponding jaw-dropping price tags.
The album is entitled, "HER MESS: Katas ng Shabu" with the caption, "Where exactly Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog got her money to be able to afford these special thanks to the tipster who wants to remain anonymous BRAVO!"

The Vice Mayor definitely has a good fashion sense, however, the fact that her monthly salary does not justify the prices of her owned items is total downer.

Check it out below:

Total: $ 27,398 (approx. 1.3 million Php)

Total: $ 4,995 (approx. 249K Php)

Total: $ 18,900 (approx. 945K Php)

Total: $ 2,242 (approx. 113K Php)

Total: $ 775 (approx. 39K Php)

TOTAL: $ 29,500 (approx. 1.4 million Php)

Total: $ 1,295 (approx. 65K Pho)

TOTAL: $ 15,285 (approx. 77K Php)

TOTAL: $ 4,750 (approx. 239K Php)

TOTAL: $ 1,200 (approx. 60K Php)

TOTAL: $ 11,000 (approx. 554K Php)

TOTAL: $ 20,000 (approx. 1 million Php)

TOTAL: $ 2,995 (approx. 115K)

TOTAL: $ 595 (approx. 30K Php)

TOTAL: $ 22,384 (approx. 1.1 million php)

Ever wonder where she got the money to afford all of this? To sum it up, all of this documented items cost $ 163,314 (approximately Php 8.2 million), that's not even half of her annual salary.

What can you say about this? Do you believe that just a Vice Mayor and no other big businesses can bought a super expensive bags?Leave your comments below.