WATCH :2 more OFWs once again Abused by their employers helped by Kind-Hearted Journalist RAFFY TULFO| will surely make you Cry!

Despite the hardship and homesickness an Overseas Filipino Worker experiences while working abroad, there are still several Filipinos who choose to leave the country for greener pasture.

They'd rather work in a foreign land rather than stay in their country that could hardly pay what is due to them.

But not everyone are lucky enough to find humane employers, especially the ones who do housekeeping and are working as housemaids.

Some of them go through abuses, others are even treated much lesser than a dog. Thankfully, journalist and radio broadcaster Raffy Tulfo is always ready rescue them from abusive hands.

Two OFWs begged the journalist to rescue them from their awful employers. The first clip was from Marilou Ruelo, who was threatened by her police officer employer, saying that he can do anything he wants to her and she won't receive 2 months of her salary. She is working for two families, a total of fifteen people living under the same roof and Ruelo being the only housemaid in the house. She could no longer sleep nor eat because of the threats, fearing her life.

She plead Tulfo to help her return to the Philippines and be with her family once again.

"Maraming salamat Sir Raffy, nakauwi na po ako. Makakasama ko na po pamilya ko, maraming maraming salamat po," Ruelo happily said in tears.

The second video was from Rachel Catalbas. Her contract was for Dammam but she was forced to work in Riyadh instead. She cried for not receiving her entire monthly pay and added that the people she work for are merciless and inhumane. She also pleaded to go home.

"Sir Raffy Tulfo maraming salamat po tinulungan mo kong makauwi sa Pilipinas po. Maraming salamat talaga. Akala ko po di nako makakauwi ng buhay. Di ako makapaniwalang makakauwi ako ng buhay, akala ko po nasa panaginip lang po ako. Maraming salamat po talaga," Catalbas said while crying her heart out.

Watch video below:

Because of another job well done, netizens lauded Tulfo and his program in helping OFWs who are trapped in their working places.

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