Why did Kris Aquino left social media? What is she so stressed about?

What may be the reasons why Kris Aquino left social media? What is she so stressed about?

Remember the time when President Rodrigo Duterte said that the ever-so controversial TV host begged him through a text message to not let his Kuya Noynoy be put to jail?

We're pretty sure that's not gonna happen. Sooner or later, ex-PNoy will have to pay for his sins. Jail time for him. Recently, charges were filed against Noynoy Aquino regarding his neglect on the 44 Special Action Force who were brutally over killed in the Mamasapano encounter.

According to her recent updates on social media, she has been experiencing so much pressure because of some troubles in her business ventures, that it is already affecting her health.

In her Instagram, Kris posted an update and maybe the last one as she is going to be on hiatus on social media until she physically and mentally recovers and "regain her balance". Her "#KrisOnLine Team" will handle all of her social media accounts until she gets back on her feet.

Two days ago, Kris posted a video on Instagram. She shared some updates while she is getting some shots as a part of her migraine treatment.

News came out that the Filipino TV host was casted on Hollywood movie, however, seems like her luck wasn't made for Hollywood. Kris, who was overly excited with her Hollywood debut came to an end when her name was ditched on the final casting of the movie. She claimed she wasn't affected by it. Oh, really? The chance to appear in a Hollywood-created movie is nothing to her?

#LEARNINGSOFAGIRLBOSS My sole proprietorship, KCA Productions (KCAP), was activated once again for the year 2017. While it has been operational since 2013, it was dormant (non-operational) in 2016. As such, the business permit was not renewed and this was an oversight from our end. On June 28, 2017, a new permit, taxes & fees for year 2017 was paid in full. The release of our @chowkingph Welcome Rotonda branch business permit w/c is owned by a separate corporation was affected because of this, even if our Chowking AliMall branch in Cubao has had a perfect track record. Ideally, these endeavors should have been treated separately, and KCAP did get issued its 2017 business permit. In the end, the issue has been amicably resolved. It was a humbling experience for me because I need to be vigilant in all aspects of my businesses. And now we move on wiser. ❤️❤️❤️#PositivityWins
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Kris was also rumored to be in a partnership with Google, but there are still no updates on that. Too much publicity, ey?

Below are some of the reactions she got regarding the Google partnership.

Source: Instagram, INQ