Blogger lambasted those who are complaining even though the Marcoses are finally returning the wealth they allegedly stole

Stupidity is an illness if not a sin.

A well-known blogger lashed out on some paepal who had negative comments to say now that the Marcoses finally opened up their willingness to return the wealth they allegedly stolen during former President Ferdinand Marcos regime.

Krizette Laureta Chu couldn't help but comment on some personalities who negatively responded on the good news brought by the Marcoses.

"People. Stupid, stupid people," she began her Facebook post.

She said that Filipinos elected former President Fidel V. Ramos and former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile who were also responsible in human rights abuses like Marcos. But despite, people didn't hold them accountable. Now that the descendants of Marcos are returning the money, why on earth are some people keeps on "heming and hawing" when no other President like Duterte was able to negotiate with the Marcoses.

Chu asked what is it that they really want. Should the issue on Marcos' hidden wealth be sensationalized until the end of time. But that would be impossible, Chu implied. The millenials  and the next generation are not affected or are slowly moving on from the abuses during Martial Law. The hatread and fervor that the victims keeps on passing on their  next generations will never be as strong as before. Twenty years from now, "there will be no more clamor, or significantly less at least, for the money to be returned". When that time comes all human righs victims will all be dead.

She hopes that the human rights advocates would just pursue and try to get  a good terms of return of wealth and the victims will get a bigger portion of money, victims not only of Marcos but also of Ramos and Enrile's ruthlessness during that time. They should also make sure that the money will be handled by a trustworthy agency or department .

She also feels sorry for the victims whoe never got an apology from Marcos and that they will not get any of that from Imelda Marcos who Chu claimed to be trapped in her own world, a world no one can escape from.

She hoped that FVR and Enrile also apologize for what they have done and for what had happened. They too are responsible since they were Marcos' generals at that time and only turned their back against Marcos at the last minute.

Chu also said that if it weren't for Duterte " cared for your plight and did not just use your cause to politicize" this danyos perwisyos will never be achieved.

Read her entire post below:

"People. Stupid, stupid people. 
"You elected Marcos generals FVR (to the Presidency) and Enrile (to the Senate, ad infinitum) and didn't ask for any accountability from them--and THEY WERE THERE, JUST AS RESPONSIBLE AS MARCOS--and yet here are the heirs and heiresses ready to return the money and you're heming and hawing as if naman some other President in history has been able to successfully broker the return of Marcos ill gotten wealth.Ano ba talaga ang gusto ninyo? Let the cases drag on forever? As you can already see, there's a return of Marcos fanaticism AND Millennials and even younger generations are forgetting or not as affected about Martial Law. They will not have the same kind of fervor nor hatred, and even less passion to pursue the money in 15 years. Have you thought about that? Have you thought that in 20 years there will be no more clamor, or significantly less at least, for the money to be returned? By then, many human rights victims will be gone, and with them the burning rage that can only come from being there themselves. 
"We need the fucking money you fucking nitwits. As if naman the Marcoses will make a big deal out of returning 10 million pesos. More imporantliest, NI HINDI NYO PA ALAM MAGKANO ANG ISOSOLI NAG REREKLAMO NA KAYO. Mag reklamo kayo kung mag soli lang ng P100 million. Kung di niyo pa alam, huwag kayong maraming kuda.No other President after Duterte will be able to get any portion of the money. Hello, yung biyuda at anak nga ni Ninoy walang nagawa. If you don't jump on this chance better say goodbye to the billions forever. And then totoong NEVER AGAIN ang drama ninyo. 
"Ang ipaglaban ninyo ang terms of return. Ang ipaglaban ninyo, ma bigyan ang human rights victims ng malaking portion ng pera (VICTIMS nga pala hindi lang ni Marcos kundi pati ni FVR at Enrile), ang ipaglaban ninyo kung saang department or agency ma pupunta ang pera, Hindi yung ipaglalaban ninyo na wag isoli (que tanga) o may makulong pa. (Si FVR nga ginawang Presidente tapos gusto nyo may makulong, sino?) 
"And to the human rights victims, I am so very sorry you may never be able to hear the apology you need for closure. I am sorry mukhang wala nang makukulong o puwedeng makulong. Sana si FVR, kasi siya yung pinaka high ranking din, pero wala eh, ginawang Presidente at BFF siya ni Cory. Bumaliktad lang, forgiven and forgotten na. Sana marinig natin sila mag SORRY. Sila naman dapat talaga ni Enrile at ibang generals ni Marcos ang mag sorry sa inyo kasi ruthless sila. Last minute na sila bumaliktad, alam natin lahat iyon. Huwag na po kayo umasa sa sorry ni Imelda. She has her own world na. She completely believes the version of events in her mind, and when a person has retreated into that world, there is no pulling them back.  

"I am sorry for all you've been through but I hope you will be compensated very very very well--if not for you then at least for the future of your children and grandchildren--by the money we all hope the Marcoses would return soon. This is the danyos perwisyos that should've been yours if the Presidents before Duterte truly cared for your plight and did not just use your cause to politicize.And to the rest of the Filipino people, you turn down this one chance, you lose. And what a great disservice to this country it will be."
The Marcoses are opening up the issue of giving a part of their own wealth to the country, why are some people questioning it? The keep on giving it a malice.

The persecuted Marcos family are probably willing to share it now because they know the Duterte will not use it for his own good and they trust that this current administration will use it for the benefit of all Filipinos.

We're pretty sure the Marcoses are not stupid enough to let a great amount of wealth be handled by anyone they don't trust especially by the former President Noynoy Aquino.

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