Business Tycoon Henry Sy's daughter Tessa Sy Coson praised Duterte's efforts in improving economy while she trashed critics

Fixing the Philippines' economic issues left by the previous administration is not an easy thing to do for the Duterte administration. Currently on it's second year, Duterte's administration has been getting quite positive reviews for it's accomplishments in developing the country's economy.

One notable person to give a positive feedback was Teresita Sy-Coson, daughter of the business tycoon Henry Sy. She is currently the Vice Chairperson of SM Investments Corporation.

Coson complimented President Rodrigo Duterte's efforts in keeping the country's economy growing much quicker than before. She strongly believe that the war on illegal drugs of the President is giving off a good vibe on other countries such as China in investing in the country.

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"We're looking at China from the economic point of view and not from the political point of view,"
she said.

Veteran in the business industry, Coson said that the economic state under the Duterte administration is great for businesses.

"His main message all this time is about stopping the drugs and maintaining peace and order, so that the business community can thrive and also the economy can prosper," she said.

Asked to describe business growth of the Philippines amongst foreign entities she said, "Our economy has been growing at seven percent and perhaps it will maintain from six to seven percent. In spite of all the skepticism,the business community has been growing and I guess we're
happy about it."

"BUT NO WAIT LET'S LISTEN TO WHAT DOOMSAYERS FROM LP and THE NAGMAMARUNONG ARE SAYING. I'm sure the "economists" who don't handle billion dollar businesses know better. Or you know, those people who have 2 units of Economics. LOL.," she mocked.

The Sy's SM group is one of the fastest growing business in the Philippines, it is actually th best in performance in all of Southeast Asia.

Although the Sy family have been neutral over the past months on controversies involving the Duterte administration, they are still in full support over the chief executive's policies.

A representive from the Sy's is often a part of the Duterte's state visits in the private-sector delegation. They have been more visible in joining different business ventures and events which Duterte or his Cabinet are hosting.

The potential success of the Philippines' economical growth greatly depend on the government's methods in dealing economic issues and challenges.

To further discuss these challenges, these are divided in three main groups:

  • Maintaining the macroeconomic balance of the national economy.
  • Putting a brake on government consumption spending to achieve fast economic growth along the investment path of "Build Build Build."
  • Expanding the economy’s "absorptive capacity" by removing structural bottlenecks due to regulatory complications and restrictions.

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