'Inday Sara' Very qualified to be president - Panelo Said

Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo said on Wednesday that Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte is very much qualified to become president.

Panelo said in media forum that Mayor Sara is just like her father."Like father like daughter". He also added that Cory Aquino is just a housewife but became the President of the Philippines then how much more a Lawyer and a Mayor.
"Si Cory Aquino naging presidente, housewife lang. Bakit naman itong lawyer, abogado, mayor, hindi puwede? Matapang pa. Incorruptible din," 
President Rodrigo Duterte's elder daughter is just as "incorruptible" but "grittier" than her old man, qualities that will someday make her a good president.
The Dutertes, though widely popular in Davao City, have also been criticized for controlling local politics there for more than two decades now. Duterte's eldest son Paolo is currently Davao City Vice Mayor. 
Panelo cited accounts by city hall employees describing the daughter as "stricter" than the father when he was the city mayor. 
In 2011, she made the news when she punched a court sheriff for enforcing a demolition order despite her instruction to put in on hold for a few hours for humanitarian reasons. 
"Puwede siyang maging presidente kung ako tatanungin mo. Pareho ng ugali ng tatay nya. Mas matindi pa nga eh. Abogada pa," he said. 
But does the fiesty Davao Mayor want to? 
"Ako na magsasabi sa inyo. Ayaw na ayaw niya na maging pulitiko. Pinilit lang talaga sya," Panelo added. 
What can you say about this? Will you support Sara Duterte if she will run for Presidency in the next 2022 election? Share your thoughts.
Source: ABS