Detained Alleged "Drug Queen" Leila De Lima dares Duterte: Stop the killings of Druglords and Pushers or better RESIGN NOW!

Detained Senator Leila de Lima on Thursday challenged once more President Rodrigo Duterte to order his security personnel  to stop the killings in the midst of the war against unlawful medications (ILLEGAL DRUGS) or quit his post. 

"Amidst the killing spree of minors, I challenge the President once again to give a direct, categorical and public order to the entire police force, and others acting upon its direction, to STOP THE KILLINGS NOW!" De Lima said in a statement.

"Else, I challenge him to RESIGN NOW! To all those who are directly involved in, and those who sanction, these barbaric and satanic acts, may you all burn in hell," she added.

De Lima called attention to that in an enlightened society, "states should ensure the rights and welfare of the young and guard them from hurt, yet under the Duterte administration, they are butchered like wild creatures in a chasing amusement." 

The current killings of 17-year-old Kian Loyd delos Santos, 19-year-old Carl Angelo Arnaiz and 14-year-old Reynaldo de Guzman were gravely denounced by authorities and subjects in the nation. 

Police said Delos Santos was shot after he supposedly drew in policemen in a shootout amid a hostile to medicate operation in Caloocan City on August 16. Police guaranteed he was a medication sprinter. 

Arnaiz, then again, supposedly looted a cabbie and discharged at the reacting cops, however crime scene investigation report demonstrated that he was tormented and shot at short proximity while either stooping or resting. De Guzman was the last individual seen with Arnaiz on the night the young person was murdered. 

Then, De Lima asked residents to censure the killings in the midst of the administration's hostile to sedate battle. 

"Sa aking mga kababayan — hinding hindi ho dapat tayo sumasang-ayon sa kasamaan. Ano na ho ba ang nangyayari sa ating bilang isang lahi mula nang naluklok sa pambansang kapangyarihan si Duterte," De Lima said. 

"Enough with this frenzy! No more Kian, Gelo and Kulot need to bite the dust. Give us a chance to act now!" she included. 

Duterte on Wednesday said he didn't arrange his men to kill the youthful and the old and even the foes hardheartedly. 

He likewise promised to seek after arguments against cops associated with unlawful killings.

Source: GMA