Cynthia Villar Exposed the Alleged Dark Plans of Bam Aquino and Risa Hontiveros to "Destroy’ Senate majority

In the Senate hearing last Wednesday September 27, 2017, Sen. Cynthia Villar said that there were social media blogs who told her to be careful and warned her about two minority senators who have been plotting to destroy their colleagues in the majority coalition of the Senate named Sen. Risa Hontiveros and Sen. Bam Aquino.

“I just want to make a manifestation. It’s really somebody from social media who told me before long time ago that there are two senators who are going to destroy us,” Villar said during the Senate regular session.
She said she did not believe the warning she has been receiving against Aquino and Hontiveros that's why she just kept quite but know she thinks it is now the beginning after she saw DILAWAN Blog Silent No More post.
“I didn’t believe it. It’s just that when I saw that blog, then I started thinking that it was really true and I want to clarify with Senators Bam and Risa they told me really that Senators Bam and Risa are  trying to destroy us,” she said.
Watch the Full video below:

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Source: INQ