Dela Rosa cried while defending PNP and Duterte from Hontiveros accusations "You should be careful with your words."

Philippine National Police chief Director General Ronald "Bato" dela Rosa became emotional again during a probe in the Senate.

This rooted from the malicious and unproven allegations of none other than Sen. Risa Hontiveros. The senator accused the current administration of creating a widespread policy to execute drug suspects, from what Hontiveros is implying, the directive came from President Rodrigo Duterte whom she has been hating since day one of his presidency.

Emotional and in tears, Dela Rosa protested against the lady senator staking his life on the line.
"I swore on my life, the President did not order me to kill drug suspects," the PNP chief said during a Senate probe on another teenager who was killed by police officers in Caloocan. He also stated that if Hontiveros accusations are true, he himself will resign from his post and return to  Davao City.

The PNP chief was very much offended and hurt by her statements and asked the senator how else could he defend thousands of policemen who are just trying to do their jobs. He also said that Hontiveros' mind is already closed to facts and only believes in what she wanted to believe.

"Do you think two killings, even if it is illegal, will make a policy?" he said.

Hontiveros remarks were made on her second round of questioning during the investigation of the killings of Kian delos Santos and Carl Arnaiz.

Hontiveros said that she wasn't referring to Dela Rosa when she said that the PNP shouldn't be used as "killing machines" but instead to someone with a higher position than him and that is President Duterte.

Dela Rosa then denied that the chief executive ordered them to kill all drug suspects.

"Let me die now on my seat but we never made such policy of widespread killing of drug suspects," Dela Rosa said.

"If you can prove there is such a policy, right now I will go home to Davao and remove myself as PNP chief," he added.

What dismayed Dela Rosa was Hontiveros prejudgement that a policy of killing drug suspects, if that is the case then Dela Rosa said there is no need for the PNP to submit documents since they have already been judged.

The lady senator did not only accused the President of implementing a killing policy on all drug suspects but she is also spreading false news right before the Senate hearing.

She claimed that the Public Attorney's Office stated that the killings by policemen seemed to have a pattern.

Present in the probe was PAO's chief Persida Acosta who also became emotional after correcting Hontiveros on her statements.

"Wala pong pronouncement ang PAO na may pattern dito. Wala kaming sinasabing ganon I swear to God. Huwag ho kami i-quote," she said.

As she got more emotional, she kept on defending the policemen who are being maliciously accused by the lady senator.

"Walang polisiya ang gobyerno na pumatay ng walang awa. Ako mismo ang makakapagpapatotoo na walang utos sa pulis na pumatay na walang kaawa-awa," Acosta said as she mentioned that her office has more than 80,000 detained and living clients apprehended by the PNP.

"Kawawa naman ang mga pulis na handang ibuwis ang kanilang buhay para sa inang bayan, parang nalalahat na sila. Wala po kaming sinasabing pattern kasi laging nababanggit yung PAO," she added.

President Duterte also fired back at Hontiveros right after the latter's statements.

"Let’s say it’s murder. I ask Hontiveros, is that already a policy? Is that a baseline policy? She is so stupid," he said.

"One swallow makes a summer? Two killings make it a policy of the Republic of the Philippines? Why would we kill innocents?" he added.

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