Filipino People unite against Trillanes "Barking like a fool,useless,brainless,inutil,liars,deciever, cause #1problem in the Country"


This cries has been going on and on for a while now ever since Senator Richard Gordon gave a remark that he will be filing an ethics complaint against Senator Antonio Trillanes IV due to his shameless behaviour during almost every probing in the Senate that has something to do with President Rodrigo Duterte.

Before Trillanes had a "good guy" image, which is why he won for the first time as an official elected by the Filipinos in his first attempt despite being jailed for the Oakwood Mutiny in 2003. He was accepted by many but as time passes by, his true colors are slowly showing, revealing a masked mad man obsessed with power, fame and wealth.

His desperation to oust Duterte have been a disease on him which is also slowly rotting him away from reality, and that is - no one can remove Duterte unless God permits it. God allowed Filipinos to have Duterte as the new incumbent Philippine President, we wanted change, we got it.

This person chose his own fate and now he is reaping what he sowed. Hatred. Despise. Disgust. All of these from the Filipino citizens all over the world who had enough of his defamation not only to the President but most importantly to the country. He is blatantly dragging the entire Philippines through the aid of the Opposition and Liberal Party who will eventually use him as a sacrifice for their own good.

Thousands, if not millions of Filipinos have too much to say about Trillanes but because the mainstream media is on the Senator's side, none of these are being voiced out. Social media is the only place where us Filipinos can yell out our emotions.

A netizen, Merlyn Sherwood, bravely said, with all her might, "He should be gone asap! Am tired seing him on fb keep barking like a fool, useless, brainless, inutil, liar, deceiver, cause #1 problem in the country. So embarassing this idiot no need his attention let him to be vanished forever in a Senate and kick his butt thrown away no more come back! What a villainous man ever in history."

There was also an Overseas Filipino Worker in United Kingdom wanted Trillanes out of the Senate.

Michael Valderama wrote a letter to Trillanes and asked the senator to just voluntarily resign from his post.

"You have stirred bewilderment and confusion among us and tried to divide us with your wimpy tricks. if this prolongs, people who are sane enough will be forced to drag you out and bring you to places you don’t want to go," Valderama wrote.

"Before this happens, kindly tender your urgent resignation for the benefit of all. This is the best sacrifice you can make for us; TO STEP DOWN FROM YOUR CURRENT POSITION," he added.

Another netizen had something to say to the Senator.

Currently, an online petition against Trillanes has been trending - Sen. Gordon must immediately file complaint vs Trillanes with the Senate Ethics Committee.

To join the campaign, check this link and sign!

Source :TTPh