Former Senator Jinggoy Estrada, was released after the Sandigan Bayan allowed bail

The 5th Division of the Sandiganbayan favored the appeal of former Senator Jinggoy Estrada to bail for his temporary freedom in connection with the plunder and graft case.

According to Estrada's lawyer Attorney Alexis Suarez, the court ordered the former senator to bail P1,000,000 for plunder cases and P330,000 for corruption cases.

"Part of Sandigan Ruling on the bail ex-Sen Jinggoy Estrada."
                                       -Amita O. Legaspi(GMA News)
"Wala pang natatanggap na order now. But if ever there is an Order granting bail, bukas na mag-post ng bail," Suarez said in a text message Friday at 4:57 pm.

Estrada faces a plunder case, a non-bailable offense, and 11 graft cases in connection with allegedly paying P183.8 million from kickbacks at his Priority Development Assistance Fund (pork barrel) businessman Janet Lim Napoles said.

Estrada denied their allegations against earlier reports.

Estrada said he should not be liable for plunder because the prosecution has "fatally failed" to show important elements of the crime in case information submitted to the Sandiganbayan.

He further stressed that the prosecution failed to sell "strong, credible and convincing evidence" to accuse him of the crime.

However, state prosecutors have said that Estrada's motion must be wiped out because the court ruled that he could not bail in the plunder case.
Although Estrada submitted an omnibus motion, the prosecution said that his latest appeal was "nothing more than a second motion for reconsideration," with similarities with his earlier submissions filed.

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