FUNNY KARMA! Robredo was burned by a foreign cabin head during a flight from South Africa!

Unexpected burn and it's very funny. It's called karma and it's pronounced HA-HA-HA-HA!

They say life is truly full of surprises. Who knows our beloved Vice President will be surprised while in her flight from South Africa for a women's conference. She should've stayed there, don't you agree? No one even emphasizes her travels in the mainstream media. We're often surprised that there are photos of her wherein she's already out of town.

But that's not the point here.

During her flight, the foreign head of the cabin crew approached her after finding out that she is the incumbent Vice President of the Philippines. The crew was so ecstatic to meet her that he/she unknowingly burned her to ashes.

This is what exactly happened:

Can you feel the love Vice President Robredo? Cause we can't. Actually, several netizens couldn't believe that this really happened. Anyone else curious about Robredo's facial reaction during that time? If this goes viral, probably Robredo's loons will only label it as fake news. LOL.

But why are Robredo's trips not televised to the extreme while President Rodrigo Duterte travels are taken by the opposition as waste of money when he is the one bringing home millions of not billions of investments for the Philippines?

According to Robredo, the trip was sponsored by Friedrich Neumann Foundation.

"Every year, they send delegations in different parts of the world. Every year, Liberal Party members are invited," said Robredo in a mix of English and Filipino.

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Source : Drench Paradise