Gordon lectured and slammed Trillanes for his unfair inquiries on the Pulong Duterte and Mans Carpio

During the Senate Blue Ribbon committee hearing on the billions-worth of smuggled shabu, Sen. Antonio Trillanes has once again displayed a discourtesy before the eyes of the public.

Does he think sane people will laud him for being arrogant and unbecoming of a senator? It's tiring to call him senator when he does not even deserved the title. Whoever voted for him are not in their right minds.

Thanfully, there is a Sen. Richard Gordon who will slam him for his misbehaviour and unfair treatment.

Gordon argued and lectured his colleague for asking "unfair" questions on the President's son and son-in-law during the hearing about the Bureau of Customs' corruption. Trillanes have been telling the Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte and his brother-in-law, Manases Carpio, that every evidence and/or documents he is holding will be sent to the media.

"You're conducting editorials, that you're going to bring it to the media, it's unfair to the witness," Gordon told Trillanes.

The two were invited on the Blue Ribbon Committee in relation to their connection on the smuggled drugs which as accused by Trillanes, they were the head of the "Davao Group."

Gordon said that he has been letting Trillanes do his questioning and that he invited the two for him so he should be at least fair in his questioning.

"I'm giving you so much leeway already, just so that there'll be no question. Precisely, I invited these people for you," Gordon said to Trillanes Thursday.

Trillanes showed different bank accounts which he said are owned by the Vice Mayor and Atty. Carpio. These accounts contain hundred millions of pesos each. Trillanes mentioned an account number and asked if it is owned by Pulong but the latter invoked his rights to self-incrimination. He's not stupid enough to publicly declare his bank account number where it will be televised all throughout the country, who knows what will happen to it.

Both Duterte and Carpio denied the ownership of any bank account Trillanes presented. So to get his way, Trillanes dared them to sign a bank secrecy waiver to check if it is not really not theirs but they denied his request.

"Magtatago ka rin pala eh, tatawa ka pa," Trillanes told Carpio.

Trillanes was interupted by Gordon for the former to stop "editorializing" his round of questioning because it is not appropriate to create unnecessary inquiries and comments based on the answers of the people being questioned.

As a reminder, the committee's hearing is about the smuggled shabu and not someone else's bank deposits.

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