Leni Robredo greedy to become president? here are the reason's why!

If Vice President Leni Robredo's name alone gives you the creeps and sends shivers down to your spine, what more if there's a 'President' before it? That would be sickening to hear.

The incumbent unwanted Vice President of the Philippines couldn't hide her strong desire to replace President Rodrigo Duterte as soon as possible.

This is what House speaker Pantaleon Alvarez told to the media, he said, "Anything is possible, ano? Kasi nga meron isang babae diyan na nagmamadali. Eh, gustong pumalit sa ating Pangulo. Eh, pupwede po na merong destabilization.

Asked if he was referring to Leni Robredo, Alvarez affirmed.

Given his statements and seeing how things are today, we are now sure that the Liberal Party are aching and itching to place Robredo in the President's seat. Apart from the impeachment complaint filed by Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano, the opposition and LP have been trying to discredit the President and destabilize the current administration by connecting and blaming every killings happening in the present.

There was a time when LP senators are planning to organize another people power to oust Duterte. They are even dragging Philippine matters outside the country and seeks International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate the extra-judicial killings in the Philippines which is being blamed to Duterte's war on drugs.

What's worst is the recent revelation of former Manila Councilor Greco Belgica that the LP is orchestrating a plot to ASSASSINATE DUTERTE.

Why go to that extent? Why go that far? Who will benefit from Duterte's death?

Remember what Robredo once said in an interview? She said, "If you are familiar with our Constitution pero if you look at our Constitution, the vice president has no real power except to wait for something to happen to the president."

Yes, what she said is true and a GENERAL INFORMATION that need not to be emphasized not to mention she said this before the international media and not just in the Philippines.

Aside from Robredo, who else would benefit from Duterte's death?

Of course, the President is fighting against corruption and illegal drugs that almost killed the country if it weren't for him, and once he is gone, what do you think will happen?

Illegal drugs was never solved by the Aquino administration, actually, it worsened over the last 6 years of ex-PNoy's term. He even had a allied senator who greatly benefited from illegal drug trades within New Bilibid Prison. Former Justice secretary Leila de Lima got her senatorial campaign fundings from illegal drugs where she forced Bilibid inmates to produce shabu in exchange for favors.

If Duterte is dead, De Lima will be free again. Goodbye Philippines.
If Robredo becomes the new president, she will definitely just play the role of a puppet in a circus wherein the main players of the show are the oligarchs, namely Noynoy Aquino.

This is why Robredo is so excited about becoming President.

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