MUST WATCH :The huge differences of figures between the Duterte administration and Aquino administration.


Mr. Riyoh uploaded a new video, this time he want us to know the huge differences of figures between the Duterte administration and Aquino administration.

First of all, he began with words of condolonces towards the family of Kian delos Santos. He does not want to make a comment for he is not an investigator.

However, like what happened, Mr. Riyoh said that the Yellow did make use of Kian's death as a part of their political propaganda and campaign to oust Duterte from the Palace. He showed video clips of Sen. Risa Hontiveros in his pretentious mask visiting the wake of Kian. Actually, she even took custody of the child witnesses on the teen's death without their parents' permission, what a stupid move, Senator.

Anyway, he hoped that the family of Kian will not allow the Yellows to use them as a tool to end Duterte's war on drugs because if that happens, what a chaos it will be. He showed clips of criminal victims whose suspects to killings were drug addicts.

Watch the video below:

Also, he said no one else wants to end war on drugs except the trashy Liberal Party. Why? Because these pulpoliticians benefit greatly from illegal drug trade and one of them is Leila de Lima who is allied to former President Noynoy Aquino.

Aquino never once mentioned in his SONA that he wants to end illegal drug trade in the country. If it weren't for President Rodrigo Duterte, the Philippines could've ended up as a narco state which is contrary to Rep. Gary Alejano wherein baldy claimed that Duterte is trying to condition our minds that these so-called extrajudicial killings are natural so that we will be numb from it.

Actually, as Mr. Riyoh said Filipinos already had enough of the innocent killings and crimes during the Aquino administration which is why we elected President Duterte who only wanted to make this country clean from illegal drugs again.

Moreover, Riyoh made a comparison on  death and crime statistics between the two administrations.

The comparison is between the last 8 months of ex-PNoy and first 8 months of Duterte.

According to Philippine National Police (PNP), as of March 2017 crime rate decreased from 158,879 (under Aquino admin. July 2015 - March 2016) to 78,942 (under Duterte admin. July 2016 to March 2017) these include the focused crimes such as murder, homicide, robbery, theft, carnapping and physical injuries.

During Aquino's 11-month period, PNP recorder 9,248 murder cases and 2,355 homicide cases meanwhile on Duterte's term from July 1 2016 to March 16 2017, PNP recorded 8,525 murders and 1,640 homicides.

Meanwhile, theft cases dropped from 66,542 to 27,535, robbery cases dropped from 27,288 to 12,364, finally on carnapping cases the drop was from 12,095 to 4,753 respectively.

See the difference?

Not to mention the 11,603 mostly innocent deaths on the last few months of Aquino.

This is not the end of the figure drops.

If you are going to choose, who do you think worked the best of his abilities for the Philippines?

Aquino or the much-criticized Duterte? 
Source :FD