Netizens concern on Trillanes "out of topic" questioning, mocks him for being arrogant and baseless accusations

After the Senate Blue Ribbon committee hearing on Thursday, Senator Antonio Trillanes raised more doubts for himself.

He accused Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte of being a part of an organized Chinese crime sydicate called the "Triad".

According to him, he received information from unidentified foreign intelligence that the Vice Mayor is a member of the Triad and that his membership will be proven by the tattoo on Paolo Duterte's back.

"Binigay sa 'kin ng foreign intelligence... Si Paolo Duterte member ng triad. Ang proof ng kaniyang membership, ang kaniyang tattoo sa likod," Trillanes said in a Senate hearing.

The tattoo Trillanes is referring to is a colored dragon allegedly tattooed at his back. He dared the Vice Mayor to show it to them, take a picture of it and decode the said prints.

Paolo Duterte admitted of having a tattoo but refused to show it. This hearing in the Senate, which is supposed to be about the smuggled drugs worth billions of pesos has turned into a confrontation to the family of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Totally out of topic.

This ridiculous battled Trillanes raised created commotion among netizens from Facebook mockingly expressed their concerns against Trillanes. Most of them said it is another propaganda and character assassination of the senator.

These are just FEW from all the negativity Trillanes received, what do you think about his accusations on Paolo Duterte? Can mere words and unexplained documents prove that the Vice Mayor is really a member of the Triad? Will we ever find out more about the smuggled shabu now that someone like Trillanes is using the committee hearing for his own vendetta?