Netizens galit na galit sa mga LP senators dahil sa balak na harangin ang 2018 budget ng PNP

What will happen to ordinary Filipino people if the war on drugs will be stopped the next year? It's not like everyone wants it to be stopped?


The Yellow cult will do anything it can to stop the PNP even if it means decremental to the entire agency even the Filipino people.

Several netizens were on rage after finding of that the Liberal Party senators are planning to block the P900-million proposed budget of the Philippine National Police (PNP) for its war on drugs campaign.

A netizen asked who will protect us Filipinos if the LP senators wanted to block 2018 budget of PNP.

Despite the negative impact of two deaths of teenagers in the hands of scalawag police PNP officers, the PNP is still being trusted by many Filipinos. Netizen Nix Nics berated on the LP stating they do not have the rights to block the 2018 budget of PNP. She scolded them to do what they are supposed to do and that is to be public servants.

 Another one wanted the LP Liberal Party senators expelled from the Senate.

Below several other reactions from Filipinos.

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