Netizens galit na galit sa mga oportunistang Liberal Party, nasaan ang hustisya sa mga inosenteng biktima?

A very horrific and appalling tragedy took away the life and innocence of a 16-year old who was only doing her tasks as a diligent student.

The victim, Grace Omadlao, was not only brutally RAPED but also KILLED by 4 suspects (a possibility of an underage male perpetrator), who are reportedly drug addicts and were caught in the CCTV, the night she went missing. According to Facebook news outlet, Grace was doing some computer tasks for her project in school. Her family got worried of her since it was already 10 PM and Grace was still not home, so her mother looked for her.

via facebook | newstvph

via facebook | newstvph
There was not a sign of her anywhere. The next day at around 5 AM, she was found lying on the ground lifeless and her face smashed that it could hardly be recognizable.

Grace's case was not the only one in the country wherein the suspects were under the influenced of illegal drugs. Several others, whose stories are yet to be told never got to get the justice they deserved.

But her ill fate created a widespread chaos between netizens who are searching for justice for this teenager.

In the video's comment section is the place where they voiced out their cries. One of the netizen who commented said it right and it was so on-point there's no way you can go against it.

Other than his comment, there were others which were mocking and trashing opportunistic politicians, Catholic priest and human rights advocates who are so fond of selective justice. They care too much for those who were suspected of involvement in illegal drug activities.

Why on earth do these Liberal cowards, human rights advocates and even the Roman Catholic church only seek justice for people who were victims of law enforcers?

Law-abiding citizens also experience injustice not to mention they're the ones who are paying taxes which is where these Opposition senators and the photo-ops-loving Vice President Leni Robredo. 

It's preposterous! Just why do they do such ridiculous schemes? 

Oh, right. Since these crimes happening to innocent Filipinos will never be tied nor pinned to President Rodrigo Duterte they will never care. In short, they won't get any merits or they won't be able to throw mud at the President but with drug suspects who were killed by the men of Duterte, the Liberal Party will take that as a chance to drag Duterte down the mud.

But the LP's struggle is real.

Due to their desperation to place their useless Robredo to where Duterte is, they could hardly think straight and plan properly.

Friendly reminder to the Liberal Party and their cronies, karma's a bitch.

To read the entire details regarding Grace, please scroll down.

What can you say to the Liberal Party? Do you think it is right to sensationalized deaths of alleged drug suspects and disregard about the sufferings of the innocent victims?

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