Police officer killed by a drug pusher killer, netizen pays tribute for him - cries justice "PASENSYA KA NA SIR WALANG POLITIKO,PARI AT CHR NA KUNWARI IIYAK PARA SA BUHAY MO"

Will they remain the unspoken heroes of our time? Heroes, that none of us hear about unless they die while in action and doing their jobs - a job that some of us see as dirty and unlikeable? Why do honest law enforcers only get acknowledgment once their bodies get cold and lose their lives?

Despite the ugly image of our Philippine National Police (PNP), there are still those who remain true to their oaths and vows to the country. One of them whose name was heard of was a Caloocan City police officer who died while serving an arrest to a gun runner and a killer of several drug pushers.

Police Officer III Junior Hilario was a part of the Caloocan police operations which aims to stop the wide-spreading illegal drugs in the city.

He was killed while fulfilling his vows for the country - to fight for peace and order and to eliminate those that threaten the safety of the Filipino people.

Because of his unspoken death and heroic deed, a netizen proudly posted a tribute for the slain police officer.

Val Gonzales on Friday wrote a heartbreaking and touching lengthy message for the PO3 Hilario.

In behalf of everyone, Gonzales apologized to the police officer if there'll be no senator who will sensationalized and pretend to cry for his death while doing his job with utmost honesty and dedication, if there'll be no human rights advocate who will feel anger for him, if the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) will not use his bloody body and go to the international community to discredit the Philippines for him, if there'll be no vice president who will pretend to secretly visit his wake even though she's bringing several media people with her.

He's also sorry if no ordinary Filipino citizen will mourn for your death because the mainstream media will never make your death on their reports.

Finally, Gonzales apologized if the only thing he could do for Hilario was published a tribute message and salute him for his sacrifices.

Read his entire message below:

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