REAL REASON why Agot Isidro received malicious hate comments on social media! "SANA MAY MA-RAPE SA MGA MAHAL MO SA BUHAY"

This is what you get when you try to be one-sided and closes your mind on all the possibilities and angles of what is happening.

Agot Isidro political views is not secret to us. She hates President Rodrigo Duterte. She may deny it, but hey, let's be real here.

She too had been nasty on her tweets when she called the Philippines chief executive a psychopath via social media and was bashed by several netizens too.

This is the very reason why she was bashed online. She has been constantly insulting and blaming the government for the so-called extra-judicial killings. She is among the fanatics of the Yellow cult which sole purpose is to destabilize President Duterte.

It's easy to put the blame on others especially when you only accept one side of the story. This is what Agot's case.

Months ago, the actress called Duterte a psychopath in a Facebook post.

Is this the kind of celebrity people actually idolize? She is just an actress who has done nothing notable for this country, has she recently been in the shoes of those who are struggling to escape from poverty? No.

The actress recently received a vile, as she described it, retweet from one of her followers wherein the user account wished Isidro's loved ones will be raped.

This was the tweet of Agot from before the spiteful reply from her follower.

This was Agot's reply from the netizen who despised her guts.


Why do you think she received such words? Like they say, what you give is what you get and at times, Karma's more than willing to give what you deserved. Maybe this is what Agot deserves after her malicious comments on the President.

It is not right to put the blame on everything to the Duterte administration and to the President himself, not to mention calling him a 'psychopath' when you could hardly provide substantial proof. Do not mimic Trillanes for Pete's sake. Let him live in that legacy alone.

People get mad when the President cuss or sometimes create rape jokes when he didn't mean them to be taken like that. But you're no different, you call him names even his family to the extent of bullying her youngest daughter for the most trivial thing, guys, grow up.


The President is showing who he really is, he cusses, he jokes a lot but he works non-stop. Not only for the welfare of those who voted for him but to every single Filipino in the world, believe it or not.

At least one person got it right, this comment came from

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