Saab Magalona dared to insult Duterte, gets bashed instantly for her ignorance!

There has quite a chaos after the controversial deaths of Kian delos Santos and Carl Angelo Arnaiz. Controversies surrounded the Philippine National Police (PNP) war on drugs campaign and tainted it's already crumbling reputation due to its several high-ranking officials tied in illegal drug activities.

Because of this, numerous celebrities have expressed their dismay towards President Rodrigo Duterte for the purpose of gaining a 15-minute popularity and social media.

One of them is Saab Magalona, Cheats vocalist and daughter of Francis M.

Her tweets received mixed reactions from netizens. Some expressed their support for her views while others were angered by her one-sided opinions and asked her for balance and fairness.

It's quite unpleasant to see these annoying celebrities displaying a pretentious concern for ordinary Filipinos when all their life, they have been living in comfort and luxury. Simply tweeting or posting about your so-called concern will never be acceptable to those who are actually victims of criminalities especially the ones involving illegal drugs.

Even during the Presidential elections of 2016, the then-candidate Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte pledged to clean the Philippines of illegal drugs and emphasized several times that if he is to win as the new president, it will be bloody and 16 million Filipinos still voted for him.

Live the lives of commoners before you start speaking ill of the incumbent President.

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