Senator Koko Pimentel mocks Trillanes for wasting the Senate's time; Time to Investigate where Trillanes got his evidences against Paolo Duterte

What could have been an opportunity in investigating Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte and brother-in-law, Atty. Mans Carpio, in their ties with the smuggled billion-worth of shabu, Senator Antonio Trillanes instead wasted time when he accused the Vice Mayor of being a member of the organized Chinese crime syndicate, Triad.

Some of his colleagues expressed dismay on what the senator has done.

"Off tangent from the topic of the investigation. Sayang lang oras," Senator Koko Pimentel said in a text message.

For Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III, Trillanes accusations were "unsubstantiated."

"We cannot react to unsubstantiated allegations. Maraming ganyan na klaseng balita sa internet. You give credence when you react," Sotto stated.

But for Trillanes, what he did and tried to uncover was very interesting.

"Aren't they interested to know definitively that the son of the President, who is the architect of the bloody War on Drugs, is not a member of a drug smuggling syndicate?" he said.

"The good thing is, the public saw the evasive demeanor of Paolo Duterte and could simply conclude that the allegations are true," Trillanes added.

According to him, this so-called Triad operates within China, Hong Kong and Macau and are involved in several different illegal activities and crimes such as illegal drugs importation and smuggling.

Trillanes said that Pulong Duterte has a tattoo on his back which will prove that he is a member of the syndicate. The Vice Mayor admitted of having a tattoo but refused to publicly show it after the senator dared him to.

The senator claimed that this information came from a foreign intelligence and do you know who/which/what foreign intelligence it was?

It is none other than GOOGLE. Yes! The most the reliable search engine in the world. Trillanes tongue's slipped and revealed that he got the information from googling it.

What if he got it from Wikipedia where anyone can edit everything? That would be more of a reliable source, right? If you can't trace sarcasm then be with Trillanes.

After finding out where the senator got his intel, netizens swarmed him with mockery and insults. Here are just some of their reactions from VOVph:

There are more of these from where it came from. So, the question is, who has the balls to subpoena Google? 

Below is the video where Trillanes successfully displayed his stupidity again.

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