Trillanes threatens to oust Pimentel over Gordon

There has been bad blood between Trillanes and Gordon,  who had figured in heated exchanges during Senate inquiries, the latest of which saw Gordon filing an ethics complaint against Trillanes.

This after Trillanes dismissed Gordon’s blue ribbon committee as a “comite de absuelto” (committee of exoneration) when they tangled over what the former had alleged as the latter’s lawyering for President Duterte’s son, Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte, in the inquiry on the P6.4-billion “shabu” (crystal meth)  shipment from China.

At the Forum,Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV threatened Senate President "Koko" Pimenetel III that he will work very hard to oust the senador in his position if the latter would keep Sen. Richard Gordon as chair of the powerful Senate blue ribbon committee.

“If (Pimentel) does not remove (Gordon), I will work hard to have (Pimentel) removed so that [Senator] Gordon would be removed as blue ribbon chair,” Trillanes said

Trillanes said he wanted a change in the Senate leadership because Gordon’s handling of the blue ribbon committee had affected the independence of the chamber.
“The committee of Sen. Gordon is at the center of investigations and it represents the leadership of Senate President Pimentel in the Senate. For me, as long as [Senator] Gordon is there, you will really  see how the independence of the Senate has been affected,” Trillanes said at senate press forum.
Trillanes also added that as long as Sen. Dick Gordon remained at the blue ribbon committee, he will "put the blame and responsibility" on Sen. Koko Pimentel.

"I believed there were other highly qualified senators who could take the place of Pimentel" he added.

Menwhile, Sen. Pimentel reacts on the threat of Sen. Trillanes and said on text message that : “(Trillanes) can go ahead with his plans. This is a free country.”

Sen. Ping Lacson tweeted after knowing the statement of Trillanes that Pimentel would stay as Senate President.
“The majority bloc, all 16 of us, are solidly supporting [Pimentel’s] Senate leadership. Thirteen votes to oust is extremely improbable,” Lacson tweeted.
Trillanes said he planned to file by next week not only an ethics complaint against Gordon but also a plunder case before the Office of the Ombudsman involving the Philippine Red Cross where Gordon was chair.

Source :INQ