VM Paolo Duterte went on an attack mode against the media during presscon "ANG MEDIA BAYARAN!"

On September 05 2017, Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte together with his brother-in-law Atty. Mans Carpio appeared before the Senate Blue Ribbon committee after the two were tagged in the P6.4 billion pesos shabu shipment that went past through the Bureau of Customs. 

Their names were mentioned by BOC fixer Taguba but later backtracked after saying that he never mentioned the connection of the two and subsequently cleared their names. 

During the hearing, VM Duterte was questioned by Senators but was mainly pounced on by Senator Antonio Trillanes, an opposition senator and one of President Duterte’s ardent critics. 

Watch the video:

On September 10, 2017, after the State of the City Address of Davao City Mayor Sarah Duterte – Carpio, Pulong unleashed a feisty demeanour towards the media.

 He addressed them as “bayaran” or someone who can be bought and corruptible. He lambasted the media for misleading people off what is the truth and right. He said the media cannot ask for respect as respect begets respect and he is not getting respect from media anyway.

 He singled out ABS CBN’s senior anchor Karen Davila for calling him and urging him to show off his tattoo as he was accused of Senator Trillanes to be part of a certain Triad and his back tattoo will confirm it. 

In jest, he said he’s willing to show his tattoo to Ms Davila as long as they will be alone in a hotel room to the delight of some media present during the press conference.

The media didn’t even let his expensive watch went unnoticed, Pulong took is off and offered it to the reporter who asked about it. It turns out that watch was a gift. Pulong said to go sell the watch it is priced at around P1.2 million pesos and once sold they (media) can have equal share on the money.

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