Former CHR chief Etta Rosales Denies Sympathizing Maute Group

Loretta Ann Rosales or mostly known as Etta Rosales, the former Commission on Human Rights chairperson went against a photo of her with a caption stating she sympathizes with the terrorist group Maute.

The "fake news" about her went viral on social media starting on Monday which says that the Maute group should be treated with "care and compassion" although they are on siege in Marawi City for the past week.

Rosales said she denounces the people who were responsible for spreading malicious information about her.

"I am denouncing those responsible for spreading this malicious information saying I sympathize and take pity on the Maute group. This is fake and malicious news,” she said.

The former CHR chairpeson denies the allegations that the quote was something she really said. Despite some netizens knowing that the anonymously created meme is a fake, the meme was still spread all across the internet nationwide.

On the photo, Rosales was picture with a "statement" she allegedly stated saying: "It is very unfair to the MAUTE GROUP, Duterte should not use airplanes walang kalaban laban yung mga MAUTE GROUP Kawawa naman sila, they should be treated with care, compassion and Dignity."

Rosales said that she is no longer the chairperson of Commission on Human Rights and condemns any kind of terrorism and any actions that the militant group against people in Marawi.

"I am no longer the CHR chairperson. I have always denounced terrorism and I denounce the actions of the Maute group against the people of Marawi," she pointed out.

However, Rosales expressed her thoughts about the declaration of Martial law. She said that the declaration was not needed and that the military and police are capable of suppressing the Maute militant group within Lanao del Sur province.

She also chided that the trolls or netizens who created the meme and spreading fals accusations and information to quit wasting their time but instead, help in humanitarian assistance to Marawi residents.

Etta P. Rosales is a lawyer, activist, and a politician. She became Akbayan! Citizen's Action Party (AKBAYAN) party list representative.

She was appointed as CHR chairperson by the former President Benigno Aquino on September 1, 2010.

Source: INQ