Honeylet Avanceña, emotionally defending the President and anti-drug campaign

The Presidential spouse Honeylet Avanceña turns emotional after defending  President Rodrigo Duterte against their critics.

Avanceña mentioned Sen. Trillanes as this senator  hitting his family a week before elections and insisted that all accusations of the President's Critics was not True.
"Trillanes has been hitting us since a week before election... pero bakit buhay pa siya ?(Trillanes) diba? pero wala namang nangyari, so it's not true he's that kind of person..you can see the goodness in his heart."Avanceña said.
She also added that President Duterte never instructed the PNP to kill people.
"He will never instruct the PNP to kill people. It's not his style, it's not his cut of tea." 
Avanceña also Cleared that the President is not  "power- hungry" and said that the President will Step-down as soon as federalism is established.
"Hindi po siya kapit tuko. He is going to step-down as soon as federalism is established.When it is established bababa ho yun."

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Source: GMA