UK Political Expert: Duterte is the best President in the country’s history

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte received an applause and praise again from another political expert for his efforts and hardwork.

Adam Garrie is a politcal expert and commentator based in London, United Kingdom. He is the managing editor and author of 'The Duran'.

On his published article about the Philippines Independence day, he mentioned that the country "has a strongly independent President who has spoken openly and clearly of his desire not to be treated like a colony any longer" for he pursues a foreign policy that is independent from the shadows of US and disregards "the neo-clonial attitude of US funded NGOs."

Garrie pointed out that Duterte, who is now facing the threat of ISIS in Mindanao, he did go against them to just wage war but it was "because he wanted peace."

"Duterte is now having to face down an ISIS insurgency on the southern island of Mindanao and the city of Marawi in particular. ISIS coalesced during Duterte’s Presidency not because Duterte wanted war with Moros but because he wanted peace," Garrie wrote and added the the federal structure for the country and its promise of autonomy for Mindanao where the president was born.

According to him, ISIS felt threatened of Duterte's war against drugs given the fact that it is successful and that the international terrorist's revenue will be greatly affected by his war on drugs.

"ISIS also knew that if Duterte was successful in crushing the violent drugs trade in Philippines, they would be deprived of a major source of revenue, generated from the cultivation, sale and trafficking of drugs," he said.

Duterte has pledged to fight all of these threats but many in Philippines are not giving him the support nor the credit he deserves," he added.

The political expert was also able to notice that the Philippine Liberal Party who questions Duterte's martial law in Mindanao and their LITTLE LOGIC to even put the blame of the decrease of tourism in Mindanao to martial law instead of the terrorism happening in the southern part of the country.

"Many opposition figures, particularly those in the Philippine Liberal Party have questioned his decision to declare martial law in Mindanao. Even more concerning is a recent statement by the Philippine Department of Tourism which stated that it is Duterte’s declaration of martial law that has seen tourism to Mindanao decline," Garrie stated.

"Logic would dictate that the presence of ISIS is the reason tourism has declined, but there is increasingly little logic among Duterte’s opponents who are keen to retain their position as post-colonial elites who care more for their own wealth and prestige than for the people of their country," he added.

Duterte is also now dealing with another issue and that is he "threat of a soft military power struggle against his Presidency" when alleged reports stating that the Philippine government requested for assistance from US but later denied by the president saying there was no such request from anyone in the administration including him.

Garrie also raised a possible issue when the military commanders acted without having their commanding chief Duterte's consent or knowlegde.

He also acknowldge that President Duterte "is the last best hope for the Philippine people and the Philippine nation. He is, simply put, the best President that the country has ever had and may have for some time."

For he not only understands the "modern realities of his country but the modern realities of a multi-polar world". Garrie said that it is timely for the Philippines to develop and seek new regional partners, especially China instead of continuing " to act as a post-colonial satellite of declining American power."

The Philippine president knows that he must build new bridges and to not burn the old one, evidently, Duterte and Trump seems to have a good relationship, "only from a position of mutual-respect rather than that of a slave to a master."

"President Duterte is a man uniquely moved by a patriotic purpose and uniquely guided by the hand of destiny. If his plans are embraced, Philippines stands the real chance to enter into a new, more peaceful and more prosperous age. If Duterte is rejected, the Philippine people will have rejected their best chance at achieving true independence in every sense: political, military, economic and even spiritual," Garrie said.

On this day, one must celebrate not only achievements of the Philippine past but the prospects of a better Philippine future, a future which Duterte can guide the country towards better than any of his rivals," he ended.

Source; The Duran